Extension to New Build in Darras Hall

Some of the most interesting projects in our private residential portfolio are those which have evolved during the course of the build programme.  Whilst not ideal, older properties have been known to reveal problems once extension or remodelling work gets underway and sometimes the more severe problems can mean work grinds to a halt whilst plans are redeveloped.

In the case of a current residential project on Runnymede Road in Darras Hall, a major issue actually resulted in a positive new direction for the client.  Initially, we were engaged to design an extension to the existing four-bedroom detached property on the 0.75 acre plot in the exclusive surroundings of Darras Hall.  Built in the 1970’s, the property had been subject to two extensions over the years and required a new vision to help bring the different elements into one modern home.  The initial designs would transform the mock-Tudor style of the original building with a more contemporary external finish and extended living area to improve the internal space available for the client.

The project took an unexpected turn when initial investigation works unveiled structural foundation issues which could hinder construction of the planned extension.  Given the severity of the setbacks and the range of knock-on issues for the extension itself, the client welcomed a new approach to get the living space they wanted within a set budget.

From Extension to New Build Home

As new build schemes are VAT exempt, plans got underway to demolish and rebuild the property to create a bespoke scheme that incorporated the original extension within a new layout and high specification finish.  The outcome has been a positive one for the client.  The final scheme will now be a quality new construction which meets all modern building regulations which incorporates new elements without the constraints of working to an existing layout.

A new build home offers a great deal of benefits to the client over an extension.  Primarily, a new build home eliminates risk in the building process as the construction team will be starting from scratch and not working within the confines of an existing and unknown building structure.  This greatly reduces the possibility of unforeseen costs and issues during the construction programme.

By starting over as a new build project, we have also been able to upgrade the mechanical engineering features throughout the property to represent more modern installations such as underfloor heating and an improved thermal envelope.

In this case, the real added advantage for the client has been the reduction in costs due to the removal of VAT for a new build scheme.  This has to a large extent counterbalanced the cost of demolition and rebuild from the original budget to ensure the client has not seen costs spiral out of control under the new plans.

The finished property will represent a contemporary take on a modern family home.  The L-shaped layout maximises both the outdoor and internal living space to create a dramatic entrance into the main building with a range of features to deliver the perfect family home.  The design features a double garage with private gym to the first floor overlooking the mature garden.  The L-shaped building also establishes a view corridor to the outside space with an extended kitchen and living area and additional games room on the ground floor.   The property will also have a two-storey hallway along with floor to ceiling windows – features which would not had been possible if working to the existing building layout.  The design has taken into account use of the roof void to create double-height bedrooms with mezanine sleeping areas – a truly unique characteristic of the home.

The final property is expected to be completed by Shaun Ramsey Construction in Spring 2019.